Wisdom of Proverbs

In this current age there is a great emphasis on psychology and humanistic answers to life’s deepest questions. Even followers of Jesus are more apt to see a therapist than consult the Scriptures on an issue they are grappling with. It is often surprising to witness Christians paying large amounts of money to speak to a Christian counselor in order to find a safe place to share their deepest feelings or struggles. Yet, the Book of Proverbs provides the reader with more than a safe place to divulge one’s feelings but offers a path of wisdom and timeless principles regarding the challenges we face in life.

Modern psychology comes from a secular perspective with man at the center instead of the Creator, the God of Israel. In contrast, the Book of Provers understands the dilemmas of the human condition while offering divine principles on how man can find true fulfillment in being obedient to the divine plan.

Surprisingly, the Book of Proverbs contains a great amount of wisdom on the human experience: relationships. marriage, finances, anger, lying, greed, temptation and so much more. Louis Lapides finds great wisdom in the Book of Proverbs that even the most learned therapist may miss.


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